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Can JUVÉDERM® Treat Age-Related Volume Loss In The Face?

There are many effects of aging, and only some of them are reversible. Thankfully, many of the effects that can visibly age your face are easily halted or reversed with the right treatments from your favorite Chicago med spa. Juvederm is one of the most versatile treatments that only requires a few quick injections to provide you with months of reliable improvement to your appearance. As a facial filler, this treatment works a little differently than well-known facial relaxing shots like Botox. Instead of relaxing muscle-induced wrinkles, this filler is designed to plump up areas that have lost fullness and depth as your face ages.

Common Areas of the Face Experiencing Volume Loss

Sun exposure over the course of life is a common reason that the skin appears shrunken or less youthful over time. Smoking also reduces fat deposits, leading to thinner cheeks, lips, and jowls in most people. Losing weight as you age may improve your health, but it can leave you looking slightly older than you'd like as the fat in your face shrinks. Changing hormone levels affect how the face looks in both men and women. No matter what, aging in general tends to leave a face thinner and more wrinkled due to the reduced production of collagen under the skin. Using a facial filler like Juvederm is the best way to get a plumping effect without having to gain any weight.

How the Face Shape Changes with Age

Most people lose weight in their cheeks most dramatically. This can turn a round-faced person into someone with a much narrower profile, changing how they look even to themselves in the mirror. Shrinking of fat deposits under and around the eyes can leave you with hollows or more pronounced under-eye bags. The chin often becomes wrinkled or receded only due to the loss of fat over time caused by aging. The forehead, jowls, and cheeks tend to slide down due to the long-term effects of gravity. Juvederm can provide a lifting effect in these areas as well.

The Role of Juvederm in Aging Gracefully

Plumping up the entire face with targeted injections of fillers is the best way to get a more youthful look without any drastic changes. If you're concerned about disappearing from a busy work or social life and reappearing with a drastically different appearance, you may prefer injectable treatments from a Chicago med spa to a facelift from a plastic surgeon. These treatments are generally spread out over multiple visits, providing subtle improvements rather than sudden ones.

Let Reflections Med Spa provide all the Juvederm treatments you need to stay on top of age-related volume loss. Don't let shrinking cheeks or sagging skin make you appear older than you feel. We also provide Botox and other treatments that work well with Juvederm for a complete facelift type result without surgery

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