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Do you have stubborn bulges that won't go away no matter how much you diet and exercise? CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive fat reduction solution that helps you achieve a toned look without the need for surgery or downtime.


Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to newfound confidence.

CoolSculpting® is the leading FDA-cleared fat-freezing solution. This technology works to eliminate unwanted fat by targeting, freezing and killing fat cells under the skin. Our certified clinicians help you achieve noticeably stunning results in a safe and comfortable manner.   

Treatment Areas

  • Stomach

  • Arms 

  • Thighs & Under Buttocks

  • Hips (love handles)

  • Back

  • Chin Fat

  • Chest (for males)

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Why choose Reflections Med Spa for CoolSculpting®?

When you want to achieve a slim and toned look, Chicagoland residents can depend on the medical professionals at Reflections Med Spa.


Receive a free consultation with a board-certified clinician who will discuss and evaluate your individual needs, expectations and concerns.


Our staff of seasoned medical professionals are trained to expertly and efficiently conduct CoolSculpting® 

treatments for a beautiful and lasting result.


We deliver safe, quality and effective CoolSculpting® treatments under the care of our friendly staff and in an inviting, clean spa environment.

CoolSculpting® Before & After


What to Expect


We ask that you please avoid taking blood-thinning medications and anti-inflammatories (both prescription and over-the-counter) at least three days prior to your CoolSculpting® appointment.


The treatment itself takes as little as 35 minutes. Your clinician will already know the areas in which you wish to have treated after a brief yet informative consultation. During the treatment, you may feel temporary tingling or stinging as the fat cells are being frozen.


There is no downtime with CoolSculpting® and you can resume normal daily activities after treatment is completed. Most clients report visible results in 10 to 12 weeks, but this will vary depending on your age, body shape, location of adipose tissue and other factors. Avoid wearing tight clothing for several days after the procedure to reduce swelling and redness.

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