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Beat the Wrinkles Before they Start

If you lived in Greece thousands of years ago and wanted to keep your skin youthful and wrinkle-free, you would have slathered your face with mud and crocodile dung. Centuries later, women of the Victorian era would never have smeared dung on their faces. Instead, they discovered that when you rub mercury (yes, the substance known to cause serious health problems) on your facial skin, it magically reduces wrinkles. What these women didn't know at the time was that mercury acts like an extreme dermabrasion treatment when applied to the skin. It literally melts the upper layers of the skin.

Fast forward to the 21st century. Cosmetic dermatology no longer recommends crocodile dung or mercury for preventing wrinkles, thank goodness! Instead, Chicago Med Spa offers the latest dermal fillers, neuromodulators and microneedling procedures to beat those wrinkles before they have a chance to age your skin.

In fact, science confirms that prevention is essential for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Actively taking care of your skin in your early 30s by diligently using sunscreen and moisturizers is one way to delay signs of aging skin. Other methods for retaining youthful skin into your 50s and 60s include:

Dermal filler injections--Juvederm is one of the most effective dermal fillers for smoothing away wrinkles, stimulating growth of new tissue and retaining skin firmness. Juvederm contains hyaluronic acid (HA), a moisture-attracting substance that your body naturally produces. Once you reach your mid 30s, the amount of HA your body makes drops significantly. In addition, hyaluronic acid is needed to keep skin properly hydrated and for healing scars.

Microneedling--having regular microneeding treatment not only improves the appearance of aging skin but also supports general skin health by stimulating dermal tissue growth and collagen production.

Botox and Dysport--these neuromodulators are both FDA-approved to minimize wrinkles, fine lines and lip lines. Facial muscles used to smile and frown tend to remain contracted as we age, causing the appearance of crow's feet and brow furrows before you're ready for them! By temporarily paralyzing facial muscles, Botox and Dysport injections can give you smoother, tighter skin quickly and without downtime.

What About Natural Wrinkle Prevention Treatments? Do They Work?

Skin "superfoods" such as egg whites, avocadoes, oatmeal and salmon all contain nutrients that can support skin health but may not necessarily work as well as dermal fillers or Botox to delay wrinkles. One thing you cannot change when it comes to the way your skin ages is genetics. Researchers have discovered DNA sequences will affect the function and regulation of nearby genes involved in how soft tissues and skin ages. Studies with twins found that over half of the variations seen in skin aging are directly attributed to DNA variants.

So, while drinking plenty of water every day and eating healthy foods will improve your skin health, it can only do so much to delay wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. You'll have to blame your ancestors for that!

Get Started On Your "Beat the Wrinkles" Skin Treatments Today

Reflections Med Spa offers the most popular cosmetic dermatology procedures that have been clinically proven to prevent and reduce wrinkles, folds and loose skin. Both dermal filler and neuromodulator injections take no more than a few minutes after you have completed a consultation with one of our skin specialists. Consultations are necessary because each client has unique skin concerns and needs requiring specific treatments. So book your free consultation today and be amazed at the brand new you tomorrow brings!

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