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Facial Slimming With Botox

You can't change the shape of your face. Or can you? Once upon a time, plastic surgery was required to change the appearance of a masculine or too-broad jawline. Now, through the science of BOTOX, this procedure has become much less invasive. Simple injections into your masseter muscle may be all that's needed to give your face a more feminine or V-shaped appearance. If you have questions about the application of BOTOX for facial slimming, we have answers.

1. What Is the Masseter Muscle?

Without your masseter muscle, you couldn't chew your favorite foods. This is the muscle that connects your lower jawbone, or mandible, to your upper cheek bone on both sides of your face. And its main purpose is to help you chew. Unfortunately, an overdeveloped masseter muscle can give your face a 'square' appearance. Masseter muscle reduction surgery was once a popular form of plastic surgery to help correct the impact of an overdeveloped masseter muscle. What causes this muscle to over-develop?

  • Grinding your teeth

  • Clenching your jaw

  • Excessive chewing

  • Chewing on only one side of your mouth

Other factors can impact the shape of your face, too. These include simple genetics passed down by your ancestors over time. If a square jaw runs in your family, you may be more likely to have one, yourself. But just because nature dealt you this hand, you don't have to play it. And now no surgery is involved to correct it. Rather, simple injections of BOTOX can result in masseter slimming that gives your face a more feminine, tapered appearance.

2. What Is Masseter Slimming?

Masseter slimming involves reducing the size of your masseter muscle. As a result, your face appears 'slimmer' or less square. BOTOX is designed to help relax muscles, which makes it a perfect choice for the application of masseter slimming. When BOTOX is injected into this muscle, it causes it to shrink. This, in turn, makes it appear less prominent.

3. Is BOTOX Safe for Facial Slimming?

When this procedure is performed in a sterile environment by a licensed or certified clinician, the use of BOTOX for facial slimming poses few risks. You may notice minor soreness or bruising after the injection but these quickly subside, leaving you with a new, slimmer jawline and improved self-esteem. In fact, in addition to slimming the masseter muscle, injections of BOTOX in this area may also help alleviate symptoms of chronic headache, teeth grinding, and jaw pain.

There may be some instances when BOTOX injections are not ideal. Clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those who have a neurological disorder, or those allergic to cow's milk protein should not have BOTOX injections. Be sure to talk with your clinician before scheduling your procedure to voice your concerns.

4. Is BOTOX a Permanent Solution for a Square Jaw?

The use of BOTOX for facial slimming is not permanent. This means if you decide you want your original jawline back, all that's required is to cease injections. If you wish to maintain your new look, you'll need to schedule regular appointments to repeat the procedure every three to four months.

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of BOTOX for facial slimming, call Reflections Med Spa in Chicago today. Reflections Med Spa is physician-owned and operated. As a result, you'll love both the experience and the results that come from booking an appointment for your initial consultation.


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