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Get Holiday-Ready Now for Your Best Results: Schedule Your Appointments Soon

The holidays are quickly approaching, and the time for parties and pictures is nigh. All those social events, whether they’re taking place on a screen or in-person, will have you wanting to look your best.

If you’ve been putting off making an appointment or researching holiday specials, whether it’s for a medical-grade facial or your first treatment of Botox, our Chicago med spa recommends you don’t wait.

Why Now Is the Right Time

In general, treatments take about a week or two to settle into their intended effects. It’s not that you’ll end up looking like a tomato if you don’t wait — it’s more that these treatments are all about consistency. You’ll get the best results if you’re taking careful steps to get the look you want.

Feeling a little extra glamorous during the holiday, particularly after having all the disruptions of last year, is a way to bring more light to your life. New Year's Eve will go off with an even bigger bang if you're confident with what you see in your reflection. All those people you haven’t seen for a while will also undoubtedly leave with a lasting impression of how healthy you look.

A Chicago med spa can help you find the treatments that coax out the best in your skin. At Reflections, we’re here to make sure your glowing complexion has nothing to do with the holiday lights.

Get a Personalized Treatment Plan

Dermaplaning, Juvederm, Restylane, microneedling: there are a number of potential skin care treatment services available at Reflections Med Spa. Our staff is here to help you carve out a plan that will get you holiday-ready in as few weeks as possible.

Just remember, as we head into winter and holiday specials begin to drop all around the city, it’s going to be more difficult to make an appointment. Scheduling something now is the best way to both prepare for the rush and ensure that your skin looks picture-perfect for the big party.

Our staff can also tell you more about what you can expect from each option. For instance, both a hydrafacial and dermaplaning will exfoliate your skin, but a hydrafacial can provide additional services and benefits that dermaplaning can’t. It will also have different recovery periods as well.

We can also recommend products that minimize the amount of downtime after a procedure. For instance, if your skin is ultra-sensitive to any kind of friction, you might try the skin nectar available from the award-winning ALASTIN line. Whatever it is you're looking for this holiday season, Reflections Med Spa can get you there.

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