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If you love facials with extraction, you should try Hydrafacial

If you love facials with extractions that make your face feel clean and clear your pores, we highly recommend a Hydrafacial. This process finds dirt, oil and bacteria beneath the skin and combats dry skin, clogged pores and so much more! At Reflections Med Spa, we take healthy skin seriously! Let us unlock your skin’s inner glow.

Keep reading to learn more about this process that involves cleaning and exfoliating dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling like new. In short, our HydraFacial optimizes skin tone, appearance and texture for a difference you can feel.

  • Do you want gentle deep cleaning that leaves pores fresh and clear? Learn more about this proven process:

  1. The specialist prepares the Hydrafacial device, which has a suction tip to clear out dirt and oil.

  2. The specialist then removes obstructions and infuses the skin with maximum hydration.

  3. Finally, serums are applied to the face to protect the skin, creating a shield against dirt and leaving a healthy glow.

  • What is Hydrafacial used or:

    • Hydrafacials may help reduce acne. Microdermabrasion may help treat acne and scarring. This is often attributed to the deep exfoliation that eradicates pore-clogging dead skin. Although blackheads don’t cause inflammation, they negatively impact the look and texture of your skin.

    • Reduce rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition that leaves your skin red or pink. Hydrafacials may help reduce the effect and frequency of rosacea.

    • Turn back the clock. Hydrafacials may slow the aging process, thanks to the specially formulated serum. Decrease pore size and the impact of fine lines that indicate advanced age, with a little help!

  • Hydrafacial aftercare. The Hydrafacial process only takes about an hour. Unlike harsh chemical peels and other procedures, this process allows you to immediately resume normal activities afterwards. However, it's best to avoid further facial treatments for at least a couple of days after receiving a Hydrafacial.

  • How often should you undergo a Hydrafacial? We typically recommend treatment every four weeks. However, some customers need more intense treatment every two weeks.

  • Non-invasive skin treatments such as Hydrafacials can help your skin retain moisture and renew itself. So, give your skin something to look forward to!

Reflections Med Spa only hires experienced dermatologists or aestheticians. This should give you peace of mind as you make the final decision whether to go forward with a Hydrafacial. For more information on any of our processes, contact Reflections Med Spa today and we'll be happy to help.

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