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Perfect Skin for Flawless Makeup

It’s easy to find hundreds of examples of flawless makeup on Instagram beauty influencer feeds. However, it’s more than a matter of finding the right products and practicing your application to get that smooth pore-free finish. Flawless makeup starts with smooth and healthy skin. Even the thickest and best foundation products can only disguise imperfections, not completely hide them. Find out what treatments from Reflections Med Spa can help you prepare the canvas of your face for a true makeup masterpiece.


Dermaplaning is the first treatment to consider for keeping skin smooth and ready for makeup. It’s designed to lift and remove both dead facial skin cells and tiny hairs that give the skin a rougher look. You may think you’re already dealing with any facial hair you may have, but tiny Vellus hairs are all over your face and hard to remove with waxing or shaving. Dermaplaning removes even these nearly invisible hairs for a truly smooth skin surface. You’ll notice the difference the first time you apply foundation after the treatment. Your skin will have that glowing dewy look that may make makeup unnecessary.


Of course, removing dead skin cells isn’t the only step in preparing your skin to look pore-free and perfectly highlighted. Hydrafacials are a great complement to Dermaplaning. First, additional cleansing and blackhead removal helps target any trouble areas left after the other treatment. The last step of the Hydrafacial procedure involves deeply infusing moisturizing serums into the skin. This softens and hydrates so that skin looks plump, healthy, and youthful with a natural glow. The resulting surface is perfect for a flawless face full of makeup.

Lip Scrubs and Exfoliation

Don’t forget your lips when preparing for better and smoother makeup application. Lip exfoliation is something that’s easy to overdo, resulting in peeling or sensitive skin. Stick to seasonal exfoliation, at least twice a year when winter and summer end. This will remove dead skin cells for softer and healthier looking lips without running the risk of discomfort or damage. Over-the-counter treatments can work just as well as professional ones for lips in particular, but avoid harsh acids or stiff bristled brushes. Stick to professional lip exfoliation if you have sensitive skin or deal with a lot of skin flakes.

Let Reflections Med Spa recommend a full set of treatments to prepare you for any big event. Make the most of your favorite makeup brands by smoothing and refreshing your face first. Don’t let dead skin cells, fine hairs, or a lack of moisture interfere with your efforts. We can schedule you for routine visits to ensure you stay ready to look your best all year round.

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