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Top Ways to Combat Dry Autumn Air: ALASTIN Products + Hydrafacials

The change in seasons can be exhilarating, particularly if you were done with summer two months ago. However, the dry autumn air can also be a nuisance to your skin if you’re prone to flakes. To keep your skin lush and healthy, we’ll look at how different ALASTIN products and HydraFacials can help.

ALASTIN Restorative Eye Treatment

ALASTIN is a skincare company that promotes healthy cells for your entire life. A play on the word elastin, otherwise known as what keeps your skin from sagging, it’s a rejuvenating treatment that might just have you seeing yourself in a whole new light.

The Restorative Eye Treatment reduces the appearance of dark circles, smooths fine lines, and combats puffiness. It also won InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys 2020 “Best Anti-Aging Eye Cream” award.

ALASTIN Restorative Neck Complex

This product was designed to support the production of new collagen and, of course, elastin. Smooths out wrinkles in the neck, minimizes discoloration, and helps increase hydration between the chin and the chest. Unless you’re planning to don a scarf all autumn long, this is an excellent way to protect your neck from harsher winds.

ALASTIN Restorative Skin Complex

The Restorative Skin Complex boasts many of the same benefits listed above. In addition to improving elasticity, it helps protect the skin from further damage with the help of potent antioxidants. It targets uneven skin tone and works with your body’s natural ability to eliminate damaged elastic and make way for its replacement.

ALASTIN Regenerating Skin Nectar

Regenerating Skin Nectar from ALASTIN was specifically designed for procedure recovery and downtime. Made to calm skin and enhance results, it’s both water-free and preservative-free. Named Beat Healing Skin Treatment in 2021 from SHAPE, this can be a great way to strengthen the skin after cosmetic procedures.

Try a HydraFacial

This procedure uses a device to exfoliate, clean, extract, and hydrate the face. It uses a swirling movement to remove dead skin and debris while soothing it at the same time. This is technically four treatments in one session, including a chemical peel, suction extraction, exfoliation, and a hydrating serum.

People like the HydraFacial because it’s consistent and recommended for people of all skin types. Plus, even though some of the treatments might sound intense (e.g., chemical peel, etc.), the procedure is relatively gentle.

Have Questions?

Reflections Med Spa in Chicago is known for our personalized treatment plans, safety, and expert advice. Most of all though, we’re known for our results. If you have questions about how to keep your skin hydrated before the winds of winter start to howl, contact us today.

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