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What’s the Difference between Botox and Fillers?

All those little lines and wrinkles that gradually age your appearance are caused by the loss of tension in your skin. Some arise due to a loss of collagen, while others come from muscles that are pulling the skin into the wrinkled shape. Since there are so many potential causes of lines and wrinkles on the face, it’s no wonder that there is more than one treatment for reducing their appearance. Fillers and Botox have both gotten a lot of attention over the last decade, and they’re often mistaken for each other. However, there are more than just two options when you come to our Chicago med spa. Explore all four of your options from Reflections Med Spa.

The Benefits of Botulism Treatments

Both Botox and Jeuveau are based on botulism toxin, which may sound scary. However, it’s a widely used and safe medical treatment with many important uses, including treating wrinkles and fine lines. Botox was one of the first options available for dealing with wrinkles and fine lines, so it’s often confused for other treatments like fillers. Both Botox and Jeuveau are nerve blockers that stop your underlying facial muscles from contracting the skin above it. This causes the formation of certain lines like smile/laugh lines and the mark that can appear between the eyebrows known as glabellar lines. It won’t help much with areas that aren’t wrinkling due to this cause.

Botox vs Jeuveau

Botox in particular has some other important uses aside from treating wrinkles as well, such as helping with nerve pain or overactive sweat glands. Since Jeuveau is also based on botulism toxin, it works in a similar way. However, Jeuveau is specifically intended for use in the glabellar area between your brows. With its concentrated and targeted formula, it can outperform Botox for some people on stubborn lines around the forehead area. It’s also used to target other wrinkles that can be caused by underlying muscle movements, such as smile lines.

In general, Jeuveau is a good option if you need this particular wrinkle treatment and aren’t responding well to Botox. Both Jeuveau and Botox primarily work for lines in the upper half of the face since they tend to be caused by muscle movements. Sagging skin or wrinkles caused by a loss of collagen won’t respond to these two treatments. This kind of treatment must be administered by a Chicago med spa to ensure the desired results are achieved.

The Benefits of Fillers

To literally fill in where Botox and Jeuveau leave off, Juvederm and Restylane are types of dermal fillers. They are gel-like substances that can plump up and fill in areas that have lost fat and collagen. Fillers can tackle tough areas of the face that have been affected by skin texture changes and scarring too, helping to plump and stretch the skin to restore its appearance. Fillers can be used all over the face and in conjunction with other treatments like Botox or Instalift to get a complete overhaul of your look without undergoing surgery.

Restylane vs Juvederm

Both types of fillers rely on hyaluronic acid, have little to no downtime, and are relatively painless. They also both provide nearly instant results. The biggest difference is in price and longevity. Juvederm treatments usually last a minimum of 12 months before losing their impact, while Restylane is expected to last between 6 and 18 months. Since Restylane can wear off faster, it tends to come at a slightly lower price.

Making the Right Choice

Scheduling a free consultation at our Chicago med spa is the best way to determine what’s right for you. Every person needs a different approach based on their goals and skin, so here at Reflections Med Spa we’ll create a unique treatment plan for you.

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