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What to Look for When Choosing a Medspa Provider

If you're used to visiting doctors for medical treatments and spas for relaxing massages, the term medspa may be unfamiliar to you. It's a combination of the words medical and spa because these facilities offer intensive skin treatments that require training and supervision. This means you'll get more results from treatments like Hydrafacials and Juvederm than from the facials offered at most basic spas.

Additionally, these treatments require less invasive work than plastic surgery. Find out what to look for in a med spa in Chicago to make sure you're choosing the right place.

Comprehensive Skin Consultations

Every visit to a medspa for the first time should start with a full skin consultation. This in-depth discussion and inspection of your skin's condition will help determine which treatments or combination of techniques is needed. Even if you come in requesting certain treatments, the medspa staff should take the time to give you personal attention via a one-on-one comprehensive consultation. This will set up your long-term treatment plan in addition to addressing your concerns for that visit.

Experienced Medical Providers

Each med spa in Chicago offers different treatments, but most provide minimally invasive techniques like Juvederm and Dermaplaning. Since there is always a slight risk of side effects or complications, it's important that trained medical staff are on hand to oversee the procedures. This ensures that any concerns are dealt with promptly and correctly for good results. Don't be afraid to ask about the qualifications of the nurse or other professional overseeing the medspa. Knowing you're in good hands is the key to relaxing and enjoying the treatments, which makes then far more comfortable.

Range of Treatments

With high end medspas available throughout Chicago now, there's no need to settle for a facility that provides a single or limited number of treatments. Some spas still only focus on Botox or Hydrafacials. Look for a treatment provider that uses multiple complementary techniques to ensure you can visit the same place over and over again for long-term treatments. With a team that gets to know you and your skin's challenges, you'll have the best results both now and later.

Customer Reviews

Finally, check out what other customers are saying and experiencing at the medspa in question before booking an appointment. Most medspas are happy to show off before and after photos of their clients to demonstrate the effects of their treatments. Aside from checking these photos, read the reviews left by actual customers. You should get a good idea of how the center handles patient care and if they're doing a good job or not.

Reflections Med Spa should be your first choice for a med spa in Chicago. Call us today to schedule an appointment and to start your skin care journey.

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