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Why choose CoolSculpting?

When exercise, counting calories or "fad" diets fail to reduce unattractive fat bulges clinging to hips, thighs and the abdomen, what else can you do besides consider the not-so-attractive alternative of liposuction?

If you've never heard of CoolSculpting Chicago Med Spa encourages you to read about this amazing, nonsurgical procedure that gets rid of those stubborn bulges and rolls you can't exercise or diet away.

What is CoolSculpting by Zeltiq?

Nearly a decade ago, the U.S. FDA approved a revolutionary, fat-removing technique developed by Zeltiq Aesthetics called CoolSculpting. Using cryolipolysis (cell-freezing) technology to reduce fat bulges, CoolSculpting immediately became one of the most popular, noninvasive methods for disintegrating fat cells safely and effectively. A study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal following FDA approval of CoolSculpting found that over 500 patients undergoing cryolipolysis treatment reported no adverse events and high satisfaction with the results of their treatment.

How Cryolipolysis Works to Sculpt Your Body

When heat energy is removed from fat (lipid) cells, the ensuing cooling effect causes cells to die. In addition, freezing fat cells (cryolipolysis) generates release of chemicals involved in inflammatory responses. Essentially, applying CoolSculpting to "muffin tops" or fat bulges on your hips, thighs and abdomen initiates a mild response from your immune system. This response is minimal but just enough to support elimination of stubborn fat cells without anesthesia, surgery or downtime.

The hand-held CoolSculpting device gently pulls up fatty tissue into an area of the device that delivers prolonged, controlled cooling to fat cells. A cosmetic dermatologist moves the device over areas where you want bulges reduced. The ability for CoolSculpting to target subcutaneous fat without affecting the upper layer of your skin is called selective cryolipolysis.

Clinical evidence also shows that selective cryolipolysis increases skin firmness in people who experienced "significant reduction of fat volume" with CoolSculpting. By freezing and destroying fat cells, CoolSculpting further stimulates production of collagen and elastin, two chemicals essential for general skin health.

How Long Does It Take to See Results with CoolSculpting?

Fat cells continue dissolving for three to four months after treatment. Once enough fat cells are absorbed by the body, you will start noticing slimmer hips, a flatter abdomen, more attractive curves and tighter skin. The time it takes to see visible results depends on several factors, such the amount of fat treated and your metabolic rate. Once frozen fat cells implode and enter the bloodstream, your body consumes this fat for energy.

One CoolSculpting session takes about an hour and is performed as an in-office procedure. There are no incisions, bleeding or downtime with CoolSculpting. Minor side effects due to the vacuum effect may occur that involve temporary numbness, negligible bruising or redness. Side effects diminish within 24 to 48 hours after treatment. As the CoolSculpting device pulls fat in between cooling panels, you will feel a sensation of intense cold that is not painful. When fat cells begin dissolving, the cold feeling disappears.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment at Chicago Med Spa

If you are slightly overweight and have stubborn bulges, back fat, hip rolls or a muffin top that resists exercise and dieting, CoolSculpting may be right for you! Call our office today to make an appointment!

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